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We take the hassle out of renting your downtown Condo,
and protect you from tenant fraud.

Being a landlord can be a hassle particularly if you own property in the downtown core and live in the suburbs. Traffic alone is enough to make any property owner want to avoid coming into the city.



You get move-in, move-out damage reports with photos so that any issues are

documented. We provide tenants with utility service provider details and property manager/elevator booking details.

We assist in providing trades people to complete repairs including plumbing, painting, electrical, cabinet door hinges, appliance repairs, closet door issues and more. We also facilitate access for the trades people so that you do not have to. (Repair costs not included) 

We handle key exchange and walk through for new tenants.

We collect all documents including proof of insurance and proof of a hydro billing account in the tenant's name, key deposits and post-dated cheques (if applicable).
We provide tenants with appliance maintenance instructions including cleaning out lint traps in the dryer and also the ceiling access lint screen.

Tenant fraud and falsified tenant profile documents are a big issue right now. Making a mistake and
leasing your property to a fraudster who then never pays rent can be costly and it can take up to a year
to have them legally removed. The problem: the real estate industry standard relies on tenants to provide their own credit reports and employment letters to their agents (many who have never met the clients prior to showing them your property) who then in turn send those documents to your representative who then sends them to you.

Do you see the problem here? Most landlords assume that if their representative sends them documents then those documents are real. This is not always the case. All these documents are easily manipulated using Photoshop creating a great risk for unsuspecting landlords.

Having an account with Equifax allows us to draw our own bona fide credit checks on all potential
tenants. We do not accept credit reports sourced through anyone else.

Verification of employment letters via email to a corporate email address only. With so many people working from home it is commonplace now for prospective tenants to provide a mobile phone number for their HR coordinator or supervisor. Verbal verification is not reliable and cannot be held on record and leaves you vulnerable to fraud.

Verification of past landlord references.

Verification of personal references.

Using MLS and a variety of consumer listing sites for your rental property to make sure it is actively

being placed in front of tenants helps ensure you will receive more applicants and ultimately a better-
quality tenant in a shorter time.

Providing your property is in such a condition that it will photograph well, we have your unit property professionally photographed at our expense.

Empty units are professionally photographed and then virtually staged to provide the best online profile possible which results in more traffic to your unit.

We lease out your property and provide all of the above noted landlord representation services for the standard fee of One Month’s rent plus HST.


Lease your Condo Faster

Get in touch to learn more about listing your condo with Scott Shallow + Co. 

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