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There are four moving parts to every real estate sale

Having the experience and the knowledge to have them all aligned and synchronized is the key to a successful outcome. 

Price, Appearance, Traffic and Time are all connected and getting that relationship right is the key to a successful outcome.


PRICE: Comparable sales are important but market conditions also play a big role in determining the sale price of a property. Knowing how many condos are for sale and which of those will be in direct competition to your property is important when deciding when to list and at what price.

APPEARANCE: Record setting prices are not often set by poorly prepared properties. Painting, Staging, adding light and moving the eye of the buyer away from what could be perceived as a negative are really important. Understanding how a buyer thinks is essential for a good listing agent if maximum price for the seller is the goal. The most experienced agents are the best listing agents.

TRAFFIC: More buyers seeing your property will mean your property will sell in less time and at a higher price. We live in a digital world with buyers and their agents shopping online. Dull, poorly lit photos of under prepared properties will not generate traffic to your listing. Great photos are the best lure to generate traffic on MLS and social media platforms.

TIME: The longer a property stays on the market the harder it is to get maximum price. Getting the appearance and the traffic right will result in a faster sale at a higher price

Kitchen with Marble Island

Unparalleled Real Estate Marketing

By actively marketing your home to tens of thousands of buyers I can get you the best price for your home. A sign on the lawn and an open house just won't get you the best price anymore. Passive measures are outdated and ineffective. To get the best price you need Active Marketing.

20 Years of Experience

By listening to the needs of my clients and then using my 20 years of experience to provide the best solutions, I see my role as a consultant rather than a salesperson. By putting the client before a commission I have been able to develop lifelong relationships and a referral driven business. The best part, my clients get access to the knowledge I have gained through the sale of over 1800 properties and my services are free.

Professional Staging & Photography

I employ only the best staging companies to make your property look beyond perfect. That combined with high quality photos and walkthroughs are essential. 


image-asset (1).jpeg

Digital Marketing

My in house marketing manager develops a campaign for your property, You are also highlighted through Brad J. Lamb Realty which reaches 60,000 of Toronto's most well informed and eager buyers plus real estate professionals everywhere. 

Moving House

Strategic Signage and Flyering

Once your home is ready for sale, the next step is a continuous and targeted dispatch of signage and custom made flyers within the neighbourhood. 


Open Houses

The last step in selling your property for the best price is the open house with Scott Shallow. These require another surge of advertising and promotion to ensure the greatest turnout in the shortest amount of time. 

Get more money for your home.
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