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August 2022 Update

What is happening in the Real Estate Market? Buyers, Sellers, Landlords, Investors all want to know and we have you covered.

Thinking of selling in today's market?

"Days on market" for listed properties are increasing as consumer confidence erodes and the buyer pool
shrinks and it will likely get worse before it gets better. If you have to sell this year then sooner is better
than later. This is not a case of a large number of properties being listed but more a case of listings
sitting on MLS due to a large-scale slowdown in buyer activity resulting in an increase in "days on
market". Further rates hikes are expected from the Bank of Canada above and beyond the latest 1%
increase and that is not positive for the economy or for sellers. This is not as much an affordability issue
as it is a consumer confidence issue. Buyers are sitting on the sidelines to see what happens and most
feel that prices are going down.

If you have to list now then your property has to be the best in class. It is no longer good enough to just
put it up on MLS. Only the best prepared, properly positioned and well-marketed properties are selling.
We have developed a plan specifically for this market to prepare, position, market and sell your
property. Price, Appearance, Traffic and Time are the moving parts of a real estate sale and they are all
related. If you are thinking of selling, we will put together the right plan to ensure the successful sale of
your property. Please feel free to contact us at any time for a free consultation.

Thinking of buying in today's market?

There is a rare opportunity coming and we are timing the market for you. The key indicator is inventory
and we have the intel. For the past 10 years we have been calculating downtown condo inventory every
Monday and right now it is decreasing. What does this mean for you? The market is shifting and there
will be less choice for buyers. Where will it end? If you are thinking of buying but you are not sure what
is happening in the market then join our "follow us to the bottom program". Our clients will know
exactly when the right time is to buy their first property and take advantage of tens of thousands in
potential savings. Those who wait until they hear about the market rebounding in the media will be too
late. Our data-driven approach gives our clients the best information available so that they can make
well-informed decisions. Best of all, it is free. If you would like to join this program then please let us
know today.

Condo Inventory:
January 4, 2022 - 731
July 11, 2022 - 2063
August 2, 2022 - 1890

Compared to recent years (July 17, 2021: 1790, July 13, 2020: 2181, July 15, 2019: 1346, July 16, 2018:
1217). Inventory is back up at the same levels as we were experiencing during the two years of Covid
lockdowns (month over month).

Landlord's - Rent your downtown condos out hassle-free.


We have the most detailed program designed to make your life easier and to minimize your risk. Get us working for you. Conducting a post move out inspection to assess possible damage and report to landlord. Facilitate access for cleaners and maintenance contractors. Professional photos and virtual staging (occupied units) Equifax credit checks are drawn on our account to ensure that they are legitimate (industry standard is to accept a credit check provided by the tenant). You are protected against fraudulently manipulated documents. Verifying employment using company email from HR or supervisor. We do not accept verbal verification. Verification of past landlord and personal references. Acting as your agent on all offers Provide tenants with move-in details for elevator bookings, property management onboarding and utility service providers so that the appropriate accounts can be set up prior to lease commencement. Handling key exchange. Conduct pre move in walkthrough. Instruct new tenants on appliance maintenance, heat pump maintenance etc.


Thinking of Investing?


 Lamb Development Corp. has no less than 20 new developments launching over the next five years. If you would like guaranteed first access then let me know today and you will receive "insider" updates on all of your new condo projects. Be the first in line!

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