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23 Brant Park

Two months ago, the owner approached us inquiring about the possibility of selling his penthouse in King West. At 1264 square feet, with two terraces, great views, 10-foot ceilings and it being a corner unit, it surely checked a lot of boxes for would be penthouse buyers.

The market had shifted, and we knew that appearance and traffic would be the two moving
parts of this listing that we would have to maximize. The second bedroom was being used as an office and needed to show as a bedroom. The seller had great taste in furniture, but the apartment was underlit and the paint was flat, off-white and did not reflect light. The terraces were still in winter sleep mode and needed to be brought back to life. With the market slowing and time being of the essence, we quickly assembled our team of trades and got to work. Painting, electrical, staging and fluffing, cleaning and final photography and digital marketing all rallied to get the property to market.

The result was a strong response right from the start with great traffic and a positive response. With buyers only acting if there was an emotional attachment to the property and not out of "FOMO"; we know getting people there was only half of the problem, but we were confident that the changes we had made to the apartment pre-list were enough to push buyers to the offer stage.

The plan worked. An agent I had dealt with earlier this year on the sale of another listing in the area came forward and expressed interest on behalf of a client. I already had the status certificate in hand and there was only one other condition to work through and it was for only one business day. We quickly received a waiver, and the deal went firm.

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