By Actively Marketing your home to tens of thousands of buyers I can get you the best price for your home.


A sign on the lawn and an open house just won't get you the best price anymore. Passive measures are outdated and ineffective. To get the best price you need Active Marketing.


Professional Staging

If you want to sell your home for the most staging and photography need to be perfect. That's why I employ only the best staging companies to make your home look perfect. The look of your house is the backbone of the successful marketing campaign to follow. 


Strategic Signage and Flyering

Once your home is ready for sale, the next step is a continuous and targeted dispatch of signage and custom made flyers within the neighbourhood. The attention these two strategies draw is essential in generating interest in your property and making sure it is the talk of the town. People in your neighbourhood often have friends that have been looking for an opportunity to move in.

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Rank #1 On Google

While your home is on the market it will show up on the top of any google searches that pertain to buying real estate in the area. This makes sure anyone looking for a home in your neighbourhood will come across your beautiful listing.


Open House

The last step in selling your home for the best price is the open house. These require another surge of advertising and promotion to ensure the greatest turnout. The buzz and competition for your home makes sure that you receive the best price for your home.

Polished Photography

Beautiful, staged photos are the most effective lure there is for drawing in buyers. That's why every effort is made to arrange, light, shoot and edit your property. We use only expert, experienced photographers to make sure that your property is well represented. Too often beautiful homes sell for less thanks to dull, poorly lit, unedited photos.


Localized Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaign

My in house marketing manager develops a campaign for your house that targets not only residents in your area but people who have shown recent buying home buying interest according to Facebook's algorithms.


Reach 60,000 Email Inbox's

Be featured on the Brad J. Lamb Realty which reaches 60,000 of Toronto's most well informed and eager buyers and real estate professionals. This is an excellent avenue to encourage more buyers.


Book a Consultation!

If you want to get the most out of the sale of your property give me a call or email me so we can set up a consultation