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Purchasing a property is a “process” and not an “event” and it can take some time. Working with an experienced broker who is client focused rather than commission driven and who is also willing and more importantly qualified to be a conduit of knowledge rather than a salesperson is the first step. The goal: to obtain guidance and information to make you an educated consumer so that you can make well informed decisions.


17 Years of experience

By listening to the needs of my clients and then using my 17 years of experience to provide the best solutions, I see my role as a consultant rather than a salesperson. By putting the client before a commission I have been able to develop lifelong relationships and a referral driven business. The best part, my clients get access to the knowledge I have gained through the sale of over 1500 properties and my services are free.



Winning multiple offers

There is only one way to be get really good at winning multiple offers. EXPERIENCE. Entering into a multiple offer situation with an inexperienced agent will likely result in one of two outcomes. 1. You will lose or 2. You will win but pay too much. Understanding what a property is worth and more importantly how much you will need to offer to get it is important.


Buy a home not a house

Understanding neighbourhoods is important. If you are planning on having children then school districts are important. Noise (trains, loud dogs, streetcars, industry, airplanes), and smells (sewage treatment, roofing shingle plant, meat packing) are crucial factors which will affect your living experience. Is it a high crime area? If so, what are the nature of the crimes? (break-ins, robberies). Is there a condo development planned in the area? Transit routes and commute times to work, daycare, the dog park all have varying degrees of importance depending on the buyer. My role as a buyer’s broker is to make sure there are not any surprises and to get you the best option which is out there.


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